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Dri-Plane Bearings

A full line of sleeve and flanged Dri-Plane© Bearings are now available for purchase online on  The Dri-Plane© Bearing is the latest advancement in sintered bearing technology.  Traditionally sintered bronze bearings have been impregnated with an oil lubricant to give the bearing the added benefit of self-lubrication.  Dri-Plane© Bearings substitute the impregnated oil with a proprietary solid lubricant.  The result of this is a self-lubricating bearing without the possibility of contamination that is associated with the traditional oil impregnated bronze bushings.

The solid lubricant also makes the Dri-Plane© Bearings suitable for environments up to 700° Fahrenheit.  These additional benefits now open a large variety of applications that were previously unsuitable for sintered bronze bearings.  Many customers are successfully replacing plastic bearings with the superior sintered bronze Dri-Plane© Bearing.  This replacement gives the user a longer, more reliable bearing life and reduces maintenance costs.

Dri-Plane Flanged Bearing

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