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C46400 Naval Brass


Here at National Bronze Mfg. we receive a large amount of orders for Naval Brass bar stock.  We supply C46400 Naval Brass Alloy in rod, plate, and hex shapes.  There are multiple uses and methods of fabrication for Naval Brass Alloys.  The main benefit of using Naval Brass is the anti-corrosive properties form which this alloys name was derived.  We previously wrote a detailed blog about how Naval Brass came about, it can be found here:

What is Naval Brass?

In this article we would like to give you some basic tips when ordering C46400 Naval Brass bar stock from us.  Like we stated before, we supply C464 Naval Brass rod, plate, and hex stock.  Naval Brass rod stock is commonly machined or forged.  Our Naval Brass round bar is an extruded alloy and comes right to size, without extra machining stock commonly found on cast products.  Due to this nature of the product you must order a slightly larger diameter size stock then that of your finished dimension.

C46400 Naval Brass Rod

Our Naval Brass plate stock is another very popular product.  As you already know, this product can be used for various marine applications due to its anti-corrosive behavior, but C464 plate stock is also a popular alloy used in the manufacturing of wear plates.  C464 is a harder brass alloy than C360 free machining brass or C260 cartridge brass.  This hardness makes C464 suitable for a number of wear plate/liner applications.  The C464 plate is an extruded product as well and maintains the very close to size stock tolerances similar to the rod product.  This close to size tolerance and smoother extruded finish saves a number of our customer’s valuable machining time when compared to machining wear plates from our cast alloys.  As with the rod, make sure you order slightly thicker stock than your finish sizes.  Take a look at the difference in rough stock surface finish between C46400 Naval Brass Plate and the cast C95400 Aluminum Bronze flat stock in the image below.



With the above tips, many of our happy customers have been able to use C46400 Naval Brass to increase their profitability and improve efficiencies.  We are happy to supply the highest quality of C464 bar stock and welcome any further questions and/or inquires.  Learn more about 464 Naval Brass from the links below:


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C46400 Naval Brass Specification Sheet

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