C360 Free Machining Brass for Lower Screw Machine Product Cost

C360 Brass Parts

Automatic screw machine parts often cost less in brass than steel.  Many designers think that because brass costs more than steel, machined brass parts must cost more too.  That’s not true for typical screw machine jobs.  Only brass rod’s off the shelf material cost is higher.  When you machine parts you are paying for machine time.  The faster the cut, the lower the cost, and free machining brass machines faster than leaded steel.  Most screw machine parts generate between 50 and 75 percent turnings, so the value of the scrap can be quite a significant part of the overall cost picture.  C36000 Free Machining Brass turnings have a high value; it’s not unusual for them to command up to 70 percent of the cost of the initial bar stock.  So when you factor in the value of scrap and the increase productivity you can see that parts made from C360 Free Machining Brass can be less expensive than out of steel.


automatic screw machining brass C36000

The Copper Development Association conducted case studies of actual parts and compared the overall costs in both steel and brass.  We have posted these studies on our C360 Free Machining Brass page.  Follow the link below to read the actual case studies.

C36000 Free Machining Brass

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