Bronze Components for the Defense Vehicle Industry

defense vehicles bronze bushings

Wartime operations place their heaviest burden on the men and women of the armed forces. Military vehicle manufacturers must constantly grapple with building products that aid soldiers in the field, instead of impeding them. Vehicles must be able to effectively transport soldiers to where they’re needed, while protecting them from the many threats they encounter, in particular blasts from IEDs. For the defense and military vehicle manufacturer, continuous innovation is imperative for designing more durable vehicles that perform consistently better in tests of crash and blast worthiness.

Throughout the years bronze bushings and bearings have proven the test of time in numerous defense vehicle applications.  National Bronze Manufacturing has been providing these components to a number of defense vehicle manufacturers.  Services such as full traceability and quality assurance ensure that only the best materials are used for the various bearing and bushings.

defense vehicles bronze bushingsdefense vehicle bronze bushing

Follow the link below to view our new brochure outlining the various components we manufacture for the defense vehicle industry.

Bronze Components for the Defense Vehicle Industry

defense bronze components

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