Author: Michael Russo

Check Out Our New Line Card

Download our updated line card.  Outlining the various products/services/alloys that we supply.  The back of the line card also includes a quick reference comparison chart of the various bronze, brass, and copper alloys that we offer.   Click here to view our updated line card

Product Spotlight: Grooved Bronze Guide Bushing

Materials: C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze ASTM B505 Processes: Turning, Milling, Tapping Industry: High Pressure Hydraulic Systems This cast bronze grooved guide bushing is machined from C93200 Bearing Bronze bar stock. The bar stock in turned, bored, and tapped to achieve the various features of the finished parts.  C932 bronze is an excellent choice for

National Bronze Mfg. Co. Certified to ISO 9001:2015

  National Bronze Mfg. Co. is proud to announce today that it has received the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification. The ISO standard specifies requirements for organizations of any type to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide services and products that consistently meet client requirements and aim to enhance customer satisfaction through application and

Our Newest Addition Arrives

        We are happy to announce the arrival of our newest piece of equipment to our machining operations.  Early this morning our brand new Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinder arrived at our Roseville, MI Plant.  The addition of this grinder will allow us to deliver our customers with precision ground plate to even

C86300 Manganese Bronze Plate Stock

Now Stocking Manganese Bronze Plate Roseville, MI — National Bronze Mfg. Co., a leading manufacturer/distributor of bronze based alloys and machined components is proud to announce the addition of C86300 Manganese Bronze plate stock their vast inventory of copper based alloys. C863 Manganese Bronze Plate meets the SAE 430B specification.  This plate stock is continuous

Now Stocking Manganese Bronze Plate

  We’re excited to announce the newest product that we have added to our inventory of Bronze, Brass and Copper Alloys.  C86300 Manganese Bronze Flat Stock. This continuous cast bronze meets the SAE 430B specification. Technical Data CDA 86300 ASTM B505, ASTM B22 Tensile-110,000 psi Yield- 62,000 psi Elongation (in 2” or 50 mm min)-

Product Spotlight: Square Trolley Bushing

Materials: C95400 Aluminum Bronze ASTM B505 Processes: Milling, Boring Industry: Material Handling Equipment   This square bushing is machined from C95400 continuous cast aluminum bronze.  This bushing is unique in the fact that the outside shape of the bushing is square while the inner diameter is round.  A majority of the bushing products we manufacture