Product Spotlight: Grooved Bronze Guide Bushing

grooved guide bushing

Materials: C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze ASTM B505

Processes: Turning, Milling, Tapping

Industry: High Pressure Hydraulic Systems

This cast bronze grooved guide bushing is machined from C93200 Bearing Bronze bar stock. The bar stock in turned, bored, and tapped to achieve the various features of the finished parts.  C932 bronze is an excellent choice for general bearing applications.  There is a small amount of lead in this alloys composition which gives it some natural bearing qualities to the metal.

This guide bushing is integral in the function of high pressure hydraulic systems.  These systems are utilized in various industrial applications.  Such applications include Steel Mills, Aluminum Mills, and Petro Chemical plants.

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C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze


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