Alloy Spotlight: C17200 Beryllium Copper

C17200 Tube

Beryllium copper alloys (BeCu) have been recognized for their potential to provide high strength with good conductivity.  C17200 beryllium copper falls into this category with high strength and moderate conductivity, but this alloy also has other attractive properties. C17200 exhibits very low magnetic susceptibility, resists galling, and can be age hardened to yield strengths of 100-120 ksi with elongation values of 10-20% along with having high thermal conductivity.  Even more C172 can be tailored to achieve even greater yield strengths between 140-160 ksi.  These attractive properties make this alloy a very popular choice in the manufacture of drill collars, instrument housings and other applications in oil and gas well drilling.

Other industries have utilized C172 beryllium copper for its attractive properties. From aircraft landing gear bearings to pressure housings for precision magnetometers and other instruments. It’s used in the form of inserts and die facings as well as welder bushings.

One of the great features of this alloy is the ability to alter the alloys properties through the combination of cold work and the type of heat treatment.

Beryllium Copper C172

Here at National Bronze Mfg. C17200 (AMS 4650) is a standard alloy.  Solid round bars and cored (tube) shapes of C172 are available.  Bar lengths vary in size, but we will cut to the length needed without any minimums.  Mill certifications and full traceability is available with the alloy.

C17200 AMS 4650 Beryllium Copper 

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