C67300 Wrought Manganese Bronze Now Available Online

We are proud to announce the newest alloy addition to our ecommerce website bravobronze.com

C67300 SAE J463 Manganese Bronze is now available online at our ecommerce website bravobronze.com

C67300 Manganese Bronze Rod

C673 Manganese Bronze is a manganese silicon bronze alloy.  The addition of silicon helps this alloy achieve a high machinability rating of 70.  C673 has excellent wear characteristics and the ability to be hot forged.  It is often used as an alternative for many of the wrought phosphor bronze alloys in applications demanding a stronger material.  This alloy is also corrosion resistant and can be soldered.

C67300 SAE J463 Bronze is available in solid round bar and can be found on bravobronze.com 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the link below:

C67300 Bronze on Bravobronze.com

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