Product Spotlight: Aluminum Bronze Toggle Bushings

Aluminum Bronze Toggle Bushings


Material: C95400 Aluminum Bronze

Processes: Turing, Boring, Grooving

This aluminum bronze toggle bushing is used in the mechanical toggle assembly of a thermoforming station.  The forming station produces highly detailed parts at high speeds with great consistency.  The toggle assembly is one of the three mechanical assemblies that are critical to this thermoformer.  They must withstand tremendous force without deflection.  The toggles are positioned on the honeycomb platen to elimate deflection and guarantee consistent material distribution across the mold area. With up to 260 tons of holding force and 150 tons of coining force, C95400 Aluminum Bronze was chosen for its heavier load capacities.  A single ID circular groove provides the necessary lubrication distribution to ensure optimal bearing performance.


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