National Bronze Mfg. Co. Receives CAGE Code Approval From The Federal Government


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National Bronze Mfg. Co. is pleased to announce that they have completed the registration process and received Government approval to do business with the Federal Government.  The Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a five-character ID number used extensively within the federal government. The CAGE code is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government and provides a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.  The code may be used for a facility clearance, or a pre-award survey.  CAGE codes are assigned by DoD’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).


This CAGE Code allows National Bronze Mfg. Co. to be a supplier to the Department of Defense for a variety of government projects, including aerospace and defense.  “We are very proud to now be given the opportunity to work with various government agencies and their sub-contractors for projects all over the United States” stated Michael Russo VP Business Development. “We are thrilled to start working with a variety of new companies who need to supply quality material and parts for government contracts.”

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With their new CAGE Code (72E80), National Bronze Mfg. Co. is now officially registered on the System for Award Management website, which is the Official United States Government system where all companies eligible to provide services or products for the government are registered. National Bronze Mfg.  Co. is dedicated to providing continually dependable services to their current customers, as well as their newest customers.

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