National Bronze Pump Components



Pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices in all industrial applications. Whether moving a municipal water supply, drawing oil from the bottom of the ocean or siphoning aggressive fluids in chemical plants – modern society requires reliable, efficient pumping systems. Pumps play a dominant role in the sectors like agriculture, production of oil and natural gas, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, power generation, domestic and household utilities, etc, and contribute a major part in our nation’s economy.



Many of the parts that keep these devices running are made of bronze.  From the lineshaft bearings to packing glands and lantern rings, bronze components are vital to the operation of a variety of pumps.  Here at National Bronze Manufacturing we proudly manufacture many of these critical components that keep these devices working properly.  Follow the link below to view our new brochure outlining the bronze components that we make for the pump industry.


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