Introducing National Enduralube™ Bearings

National Enduralube Bearings


The Enduralube™ Bearing from National Bronze Mfg is commonly used in applications requiring a reliable bronze bearing with the added benefit of self lubrication. The National Enduralube™ Bearing self lubricates without oil.  For extreme operation conditions, graphite out performs oil as a bearing lubricating medium.   National’s graphiting capability can solve any high or low temperature bearing problem.  As well as applications in other hostile environments.  National Enduralube™ Bearings provide a mechanical lubrication system with graphite.  They are oil less and self lubricating … designed for a long life without downtime.

All of our Enduralube™ Bearings are made from quality cast bronze.  These bearings are machined and plugged with a graphite based solid lubricant.  National Enduralube™ Bearings can be manufactured from a number of bronze alloys to specifically meet your applications needs.

Bronze Bushing Flange

National Enduralube™ Bearings are ideal problem solvers for the following situations:

High Heat… were conventional lubricants would carbonize such as furnaces, dryers, ovens, kilns, dust collectors, hot conveyors, and louvers

Extreme Cold… in cryogenics

Dry Enviroments… where contamination would be undesirable as in textile, food, drug, pollution control, and printing machinery.

Wet Applications … from high humidity to total submersion – in pumps, meters, textile finishing, chemical processing and plating equipment.

Inaccessible Locations … where lubrication is a problem.

graphite plugged bronze


For more information on National Enduralube™ Bearings view our brochure below or visit our plugged graphite bronze bearings page.



Plugged Graphite Bronze Bearings

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