Introducing Enduralube™ “M Series” Bearings

Enduralube M Series

Enduralube™ self-lubricating are known as some of the most reliable bronze bearings in the market.  This reliability comes from the combination of the cast bronze base metal and the proprietary solid lubricant plugs.  This combination gives our customers a maintenance free bearing able to withstand even the most extreme environments.



The Enduralube™ “M Series” bearings utilize a Manganese bronze as the base metal.  These bearings can be used in applications that require higher than normal load bearing capabilities with a slower rate of motion.  The high strength manganese bronze provides the added strength need for these applications, and the solid lubricant plugs provided the necessary lubrication to keep the bearings moving.

Enduralube M Series


We offer both custom made bearings as well as a standard line of stocked Enduralube™ “M series” sleeve and flanged bearings.  You can find our standard line of Enduralube™ “M Series” bearings on our online store at

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