How to measure bushings with a flange

Quite often we receive questions on how to properly measure the dimensions of bronze bushings with a flange.  The following explanation will assist you in measuring these types of bushing.  It will also help when requesting quotations for this type of product.

Flange bushings are sleeve type bearings with a “flange” or “shoulder” on one end.  The flange serves multiple functions. It can assist in alignment and mounting of the bearing.  It can also help ease installation of the bearing.

The flange bushing has 5 distinctive parts.  The inner diameter (ID), the outer diameter (OD), the overall length of the bushing (OAL), the flange outer diameter (FLOD), and the flange thickness (FLTH).

First begin by measuring the ID:

Inner Diameter Bronze Flange Bushing

Next measure the outer diameter of the body:

Outer Diameter Bronze Flange Bushing


Following the OD measure the overall length of the bushing, including the flange:

Overall Length Bronze Flange Bushing

Next measure the outer diameter of the flange:

Flange outer diameter

Lastly measure the thickness of the flange:

flange thickness

This process will help you accurately measure flange bushings.  When submitting a request for quote for flange bushing follow the measurement sequence of ID,OD,OAL,FLOD,and FLTH.  This will ensure a quick and accurate quotation.

As always, if you have any other questions or concerns feel free to submit them at this link or give one of our sales engineers a call at 800-875-3558


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