Month: January 2020

Now Offering Copper Castings

For years we’ve supplied our customers with the highest quality copper and high copper alloy bar stock in rod, flat bar, and plate.  From alloys like C11000 ETP Copper, C18200 Class 2 Chromium Copper, C17510 Class 3 Beryllium Copper, C17200 Beryllium Copper & C18000 Class 4 Beryllium Free Copper. All of the above products are

Guide to Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloys

The Nickel Aluminum Bronze family of alloys are one of the toughest & corrosion resistant of all of the bronze alloys.  This guide will introduce you to the Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloys, their specifications, and detail how they in can improve the functionality of your components. Download the Nickel Aluminum Bronze Guide