Month: February 2019

What is ASTM B22 Bronze?

While many of the ASTM specifications for cast bronze alloys can refer to the method of manufacture, ASTM B22 is slightly different. ASTM B22 covers bronze alloys used for turntables, movable bridges, and bridge parts. The alloys included in this specification include C86300, C90500, C91100, C91300, and C93700. While the specification does not dictate the

Product Spotlight: Bronze Lead Screw Nut

Materials: C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze Processes: Milling, Tapping Industry: Industrial Machinery   This bronze lead screw nut is machined from SAE 660 C93200 Bearing Bronze bar stock. This lead screw nut has an acme thread. Acme threads in lead screws are generally stronger than square threads due to their trapezoidal thread profile which provides