Month: June 2014

Lantern Rings, Shaft Sleeves, and Bearing Isolators- How Bronze Components Increase Reliability and Maximize the Life of Your Pumps

  Pumps are vital many industrial processes and are designed to operate for many years.  Many of the bronze components in pump assemblies are utilized to reduce maintenance and pump downtime.  The most common causes of pump failure are due to damage to the shaft and shaft bearings.  While many factors can contribute to this

National Bronze Mfg. Co. Now Offering Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings on, the ecommerce site created by National Bronze Mfg. was originally created as a one stop shop for oil impregnated bronze bushings of industry standard sizes, has now added cast bronze sleeve bushings for immediate purchase online. The cast bronze line of sleeve bushings are machined from continuous cast C93200 (SAE 600) bearing bronze