Month: April 2014

Yes, We’re Hiring

National Bronze Mfg. Co., has been a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of bronze based products since 1911. We have a world class reputation for outstanding technology, quality, and customer service within our industry. We have experienced a steady rate of stable growth over the past few years and expect this growth to continue.  Being a proactive company we are currently looking for qualified candidates to fill important positions in order to support

How Will You Know When to Reshore? Five Factors to Consider

From AreaDevelopment Online: There are many factors to consider when “rebalancing your manufacturing,” reshoring some operations to the U .S. and leaving others in place to serve the growing Asian market. Several of the important factors in the original offshoring decisions have dramatically changed. Rosemary Coates, President, Blue Silk Consulting (Q1 2014) China is losing some of its

Tips for Using Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearings

Storage-   Oil impregnated bronze bearings can be stored for considerable periods without deterioration or loss of oil if kept in metal or other non-absorbent containers. Paper, cloth, and cardboard are not appropriate for storing bearings as they will wick oil out of the bushings.  Plastic re-sealable bags are preferred.  Store oil impregnated bronze bearings