Month: March 2014

Bronze Slide Plates for Pipeline Supports

When structures get hot, they expand.  This expansion has to be accommodated within the design of the structure.  Just as bridges and buildings expand and contract as a result of the changes in ambient temperature, pipelines expand and contract as the temperature of the fluid they’re transporting changes as well as the changes in the


  National Bronze Manufacturing Company, a leading US manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings, and machined components, is the very essence of an agile, adaptable company.  As a response to growing customer demand for an even more convenient purchasing process, National Bronze Mfg. has launched an ecommerce website ( delivers a buyer centric experience and

Bronze Bearings for Nuclear Power Applications

  Bronze  bearings are used in a variety of nuclear  applications subject to medium-to-heavy loads and slow-to-medium speeds.  Often these bearings will utilize a solid lubricant based self lubricating system to provide maximum bearing life and maintenance-free operation. Bronze bearings can be designed to minimize stresses resulting from differential thermal expansion and seismic activity, and

Alloy Spotlight: C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze Alloys are important materials due to their excellent physical, mechanical, anti-corrosive, and wearing properties.  Add Nickel to the alloy and you can achieve an increase in strength without diminishing it’s excellent ductility, toughness, and corrosion resistance. One such Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy is C63000.  This high strength alloy is comparable to medium carbon

National Bronze Pump Components

  Pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices in all industrial applications. Whether moving a municipal water supply, drawing oil from the bottom of the ocean or siphoning aggressive fluids in chemical plants – modern society requires reliable, efficient pumping systems. Pumps play a dominant role in the sectors like agriculture, production of

Introducing National Enduralube™ Bearings

  The Enduralube™ Bearing from National Bronze Mfg is commonly used in applications requiring a reliable bronze bearing with the added benefit of self lubrication. The National Enduralube™ Bearing self lubricates without oil.  For extreme operation conditions, graphite out performs oil as a bearing lubricating medium.   National’s graphiting capability can solve any high or low